Sunday, June 24, 2018
Club Overview

Ö       Located in an extremely private setting next to the Golden Eagle Ferry in Northern St. Charles Mo.

Ö       200 acres of which approximately 100 acres are flooded

Ö       15 blinds which can accommodate over 40 members:

o       Seven 14 foot sunken concrete blinds

o       Two sunken steel blinds

o       Six covered wooden blinds

Ö       Variety of hunting conditions:

o       Flooded corn

o       Mississippi slough

o       Flooded timber

Ö       Beautiful 3600 square foot lodge (plus 2200 sq ft lower level):

o       Designer kitchen

o       1100 sq ft deck

o       Individual lockers for each member

o       Personal sleeping facilities

o       Locked/covered 4 wheeler storage

o       Lower level heated boot room with individual hangers

Ö       31members for 2009 season:

o       $3,300 annual membership fee

o       All members must contribute 8 hours of work or equivalent

Ö       Average harvest of ~1000 ducks with modest hunting levels

Ö       Guests are free (up to 2 per day.  See rules and regs for details)

Ö       Blind selection based on morning draw (no owner favoritism)

Ö       Multiple club events:

o       Pre and Post season dinner

o       Fall Picnic (Pig Roast)

o       Other dinners and gatherings throughout the year

Ö       Continuous improvement based on members priorities/suggestions

Ö       1000 gallon/minute well pumps piped underground to provide open water on ice days

Ö       Recent investment in dozens of big foot goose decoys

Ö       Hundreds of Higdon and G&H super mag decoys

Ö       Turkey hunting available at no charge

Ö       Safe, ethical, courteous hunting is strictly enforced:

o       Family friendly

o       First shot within 25 yards

o       Issues surfaced and addressed before becoming problems

Ö       Operated like one big family


A unique blend of members, facilities, location, and management designed to provide

 "the optimal duck hunting experience"

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