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Membership Agreement

 Golden Eagle Hunting Club

Membership Agreement


Overview:  The purpose of this document is to establish an agreement between the Golden Eagle Hunting Club LLC (“GEHC”), and “Member” __________________________ (print ) relative to the rights of Member and the operation of the Golden Eagle Hunting Club (“Club”).


Release of Liability:  By signing this document the member acknowledges that the sport of hunting is inherently dangerous and agrees that they will not hold GEHC, Tucker Farms LLC, Jeff Homsher or his family, or any members of GEHC or Tucker Farms LLC liable for any accident which may occur while on the Property (as hereinafter defined).  The member also agrees that a Waiver of Liability Form (attached hereto) will be executed and on file for Member, and for each guest that Member brings onto the Property and that without this executed Waiver of Liability Form, Member and his/her guests will not be allowed on the Property for any purpose.  


Club Description:  The primary objective of the Club is to provide a “safe”, convenient, comfortable, and productive environment for the purpose of hunting ducks.  Geese, dove and turkey are also hunted as a secondary objective.  The Club is located in St. Charles County, Missouri, just north of Hwy B, and east of the road which goes to the Golden Eagle Ferry.  The property is approximately 200 acres of which ~100 are tillable fields enclosed by a levy and flooded during duck season.  The North end of the Property includes a private slough also suitable for hunting. 


General Club Operation:  GEHC will farm, flood and operate the Property to achieve what GEHC believes will provide the best conditions for duck hunting.  In general, corn will be planted to the maximum extent possible.  Weather conditions (such as flooding and drought) may severely impact the quantity and quality of the corn crop in the flooded fields.  No refunds will be provided as a function of poor crop quality.  GEHC will take into account recommendations made by all Members relative to its operations including number of members, dues, rules, blind location, blind selection process,  rest days, etc., however, the final decision on these items and the general operation of GEHC shall vest with GEHC. 


Club Dues:  Member agrees to pay GEHC $3,300 to exercise the hunting privileges listed in this Agreement for the 2009 season.   Member are required to complete 8 hours of work (an additional fee of up to $400 will be charged to any member who does not complete said work at the discretion of GEHC ).  A $500 down payment is due upon signing of this Agreement.  The balance is to be paid in full prior to the opening day of the Missouri dove season.  Any Member who is not paid in full by the opening day of the Missouri dove season or who does not adhere to the rules of the club may at the discretion of GEHC forfeit all hunting privileges as well as their payments. A $100 discount is provided for each consecutive year that a member has joined GEHC with a maximum discount of $300; however to realize the discount the member must have his/her deposit in by 1 February and be paid in full by 1 May of the corresponding season.


Additional Features for Purchase:  Members may purchase the following in addition to the basic membership:


  •  $200 purchases a bunk bed (no guarantee as to which one) and  standard 4 wheeler storage
  •  $500 purchases a bed in one of the two upstairs bedrooms along with 4 wheeler storage.  The purchase of one of the beds in the bedroom removes the requirement to complete 8 hours of work.
  • $75 purchases a one night stay in one of the guest bunk beds.


Capacity:  The number of Members for the season will not exceed 32 paying members.  This number does not include the Initial Member of GEHC, hunting guides, non paying members, or the Property Manager.


Club Rules and Regulations:  Each Member of the Club agrees to adhere to the GEHC Rules and Regulations for said year displayed on the web site and made a part of this Agreement.  GEHC has the right to revoke all associated privileges and forfeit all associated payments of any Member that violates the Rules and Regulations of GEHC.


Period of Performance:  The "release of liability" portion of this agreeement is in effect indefinitely (from date of signature).  The remainder of the agreement is in place starting at the receipt of full payment and ending at the completion of the 2010 Duck Season.



Agreed and accepted

Member Name (print) ________________________

Member Signature       ________________________

Date _______________

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